Our Mission

Our passion lies is finding the best and most effective supplements for our bodies.We believe in providing the best in natural products. That is why we travel the globe, to make connections , find  foods that effect mental and physical well being on a profound level.

We source and test the effectiveness of all our products. Our Goal is to offer them on a global level.

We spend our time sourcing foods,researching medical papers and finding bio hacks, sharing content that can improve and save our lives. Our Ninjas risk  life and limb to serve you on their  quest for  the optimal of natural resources .

We have run into difficulty in the past.Challenges everyday JUST LIKE YOU !We fall,,Ninjas fall all the time . But, constantly we get back up get  better , faster , more accurate. Our choices our clarity, our vision gets sharper all the time,.Its you ,,its you, that  makes this sense of all this madness!!

One Ninja had to retired  last week!!

One  simple “Sword Mistake” But we have put methods in place to prevent this from ever happening again. For years  Ninjas faced the same faith! They never delivered!!

But now we are proud to be here using this “Internet” to reach you. It is a long way from where we started .We have come far and we will serve you very  well.

We will check in on our products and stock, make sure we don’t go low on supplies, We will Oder more, post quality bio hacks and keep you in the loop of how to rise above the mundane and punch a whole in that mental ceiling .

We will  keep moving around this planet, Quietly leaving your package in the middle of the night or day.Depends on time difference etc…

“Simple foods and supplement tweaks can have you living at your optimal level.”

Right now we are organizing a “Secret Op” sourcing a NooTropic supplement .That will enhance your clarity,focus. This is game changer for us all. It could well shift the planet to a new state of consciousness or just give you a “serious buzz”. We don’t know yet!!

Its details a limited for obvious reasons.

Our Organic Ninjas spread the good word about high nutritional foods.Functional foods,foods proven to improve your mental awareness and memory Leading the way for us all to run faster,jump higher and generally do awesome things.

Its our mission to serve you!!

Stay tuned for more “You”