The newbie

About a month ago.

A disheveled battered looking man walked into my Ninja Dojo. He was a shadow of a man. I recognized him from somewhere, but couldn’t quite place it. He began to tell us , his stories of hardship and challenges. It sounded like we had lived similar lives. Of travel and search,quest and experimental experiences. He was in search of something.

He was sure it was this place he was looking for!

We traded war stories and quickly realized we were just going back and fourth with war stories.

When we got that out of our systems.We knew ,,He would become a Ninja!

A ninja of the Organic kind. To source the goods and bring them back to for us to share.

Now a member of our clan, Newbie we called him. His ninja skills were..,,they were ..,,they were, lets just say he had a lot to improve on.

Now!22 years later . He is a master at his game. One of our very finest.

We cannot reveal his identity,just yet.He is on the “Natural NooTropic” quest.For the ultimate in mind improvement.

We will be posting his findings along the way.

Each week you will find something new,something of value.

“Lets Be Ninjas”